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Aug. 13, 2020

The Most (Almost) Expensive Sexts In History...You Still Win, Bezos.

The Most (Almost) Expensive Sexts In History...You Still Win, Bezos.

Would you like some shares with your sexting? McDonald's rages over Ex-CEO "love" messages

Torin and Julie chat through this week's most talked about Diversity and Inclusion stories - McDonald's EX-CEO sends the (al)most expensive sext in history to multiple employees. JPMorgan, Goldman, MasterCard and others make big commitments to hiring low income and diverse talent...Does that rub you the wrong way, like it did Torin? And Paychex, releases a survey on the continued fear and stigma associated with mental illness in the workplace.

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Coalition Hiring; https://www.deccanherald.com/international/world-news-politics/ceos-pledge-to-hire-100000-low-income-and-minority-new-yorkers-871960.html

Paychex: https://www.smartbrief.com/branded/41A8AF14-18C7-4D19-A761-648C4FD6BA41/E5795991-171B-47F4-86AE-D8881A677703

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