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July 22, 2021

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, #DisabilityTwitter & Paralympian Becca Meyers

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, #DisabilityTwitter & Paralympian Becca Meyers

Lace up YOUR boots. Time to get to the work of inclusion.

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition is out and damn those cover models are as diverse as they are beautiful! Naomi Osaka, Megan Thee Stallion and Leyna Bloom are rocking this year's cover(s) and we love it. Is integrity important to leadership? We say yes and so does author, Dan Hough, in his brilliant book Analyzing Corruption. #DisabilityTwitter is a thing and we love it. We share some of our favorite tweets from the week including support for Becca Meyers, multi-gold medal Paralympic Swimmer who was asked to go to Tokyo without her eyes and ears. Shame on you, US Paralympic Team and Paralympic Committee! Last a new segment we call HERVoice. Each week we will be celebrating an amazing diverse women who change the world.

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