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June 10, 2021

Fair Pay Fails, EEOC and AI, LinkedIn Pays ERG Leads and 'Interchangeable Asian'

Fair Pay Fails, EEOC and AI, LinkedIn Pays ERG Leads and 'Interchangeable Asian'

Lace up YOUR boots. Time to get to the work of inclusion.

Torin and Julie jump right into this week's big DEIB stories. Amazon auto-enrolls you in internet sharing with your neighbors, EEOC Commissioner, Keith Sonderling, calls out the significant implications of programmatic and AI driven job advertising related to Federal Civil Rights laws, FINALLY. LinkedIN invests by increasing pay of ERG leaders. The US Senate continues to fail women with eight female senators voting against the Fair Paycheck Act. We continue our focus on bringing light to AAPI aggressions, including heartbreaking stories of being an "Interchangeable Asian."

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