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Jan. 21, 2021

Can a Zebra EVER Change His Stripes? Should We Trust Him To?

Can a Zebra EVER Change His Stripes? Should We Trust Him To?

Indeed "Diversity", 1776 Disappears, and Jared Porter's "Stock" Nudes

 Julie and Torin don't miss a beat during Inauguration Week 2021. Time to get to the work of inclusion. 

This week: Is Indeed a viable diversity source? The former administration publishes the 1776 report and the new administration removes it within hours of taking office, we celebrate Dr. Rachel Levine, nominee for Asst. Secretary of Health and Human Services, possibly become the first Senate confirmed federal official. Finally, the Mets can their new GM, Jared Porter, for unsolicited texts and nude pics he sent in 2016.

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