Lyft Pre-IPO Disability Lawsuit, Facebook Move to Hurt Diversity Recruiting, Supplier Diversity, and Gucci Changemakers

This week Torin and Julie make a pact to have a “Noose Free” episode….or do they? They dive deep in Lyft’s pre-IPO discrimination lawsuit and how FIXABLE this one is, come on ya’ll!

Julie and Torin duke it out on the good and the bad of Facebook’s decision to remove remove microtargeting from their advertising platform for employment.  Julie calls BS.

What about supplier diversity programs? They have impact, but how many companies hide behind them to hide their failure to hire?

Gucci’s recompense continues with investment in the community and in young designers, but does a celebrity guidance council actually matter?

Name Drops:  

  1. Josh Akers for the Lyft IPO heads up
  2. JZ, VP of Marketing Smashfly - Google Local Guide Series
  3. Disability Solutions
  4. #AbledsAreWeird, Follow Imani Barbarin!  Imani Barbarin
  5. Cams Coffee Creations (Wintson Salem, NC)  - Hires and empowers individuals with developmental and  intellectual disabilities. 
  6. Runway of Dreams event 3/27 -- Zappos is doing a Adaptive Fashion Event - Tune - 6pm PST to Watch Our Live Stream Event --
  7. TATech and Smashfly RM Leadership Summit

Episode Links:

  1. Lyft:
  2. Facebook: 
  3. Gucci:

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Produced by Chad Sowash

Music by DJ Cellz

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay 

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